With a robust and modern factory, Pertech® offers a broad portfolio of Phenolic and Melamine Resins, combining its innovative technology based on extensive market experience in numerous applications such as:

  • Abrasives;
  • Multipurpose Abrasive Foam;
  • Floral Foams;
  • Automotive Phenolic Felts;
  • Phenolite & Celeron;
  • Automotive and Industrial Filters;
  • Friction;
  • Paper impregnation;
  • Insulating rock wool;
  • Decorative Laminates;
  • Refractories;
  • Others.

All this with the ISO 9001: 2008 certification, which attests to the excellence in chemical plant technology for the production of Phenolic and Melamine Resins.


Pertech offers a broad portfolio of Phenolic Resins of Resol and powdered Novolac type, pure or with additives, for the production of:

  • Coated abrasives (sandpaper);
  • Alloy abrasives (cutting amd grinding discs, grinding wheels etc.) – manual or automatic processes / Maternini;
  • Impregnation of fiberglass fabric (widely used in the abrasives industry);

The Pertech Phenolic Resins offer a strong “cross link”, for they combine abrasive grains, mineral charges, plasticizers and other components. Thus, each piece produced with such resins has high thermomechanical resistance in final applications in the wet or dry category.


Paper impregnated with Pertech Phenolic Resins are used in the manufacture of a wide range of filters, especially the automotive and those in the engineering sector.

Such impregnations keep some attributes of the original papers, such as permeability to fuel and air, but outperform other peculiar characteristics such as high mechanical performance and resistance to moisture and weather.


The friction materials – pads, clutch disks and brake pads – that operate in water or in dry conditions, in the presence of abrasive dust and extreme temperature variations, require unchangeable components.

For friction material manufacturers, Pertech offers a portfolio of unmodified and modified Phenolic Resins – liquid or powder – recognized worldwide for: superior thermal resistance; compatibility with friction components; durability in extreme mechanical stress conditions and its excellent value for money.


The wide variety and specificity of refractory materials requires binders with different behaviors and custom properties for each process/product. To address this need, Pertech has a wide range of Phenolic Resins conformed/non-conformed refractory, and buffering masses.

These are binders which facilitate the homogenization of the mixture, reduces the conforming pressure, facilitates the extraction of parts and provide excellent post- pressing stability (green strength). In the final product, Pertech’s Phenolic Resins provide greater mechanical resistance to bricks, hinders the wettability of the slag in the refractory, in addition to increasing its resistance to thermal shock. They can be supplied as liquid resoles, new lacquers in solution, as well as in powder novolaca, with or without Hexa.

Pertech provides technical assistance whenever necessary, working closely with its customers. All this combined with a just-in- time logistics, focused on the perfect harmony between the manufacturing of the resin and the expectations of its consumers.


Textile felts associated with resins that provide attributes such as excellent conformability, insulation properties to sound and heat as well as low cost are common requirements of automakers.

For such needs of the automotive industry, Pertech® offers a wide range of resins designed especially for automotive felts. They are resins designed to increase the bond strength between the textile fibers to provide adequate structure to the conformation of the parts, provide a perfect mold release, meet the requirements of environmental sustainability with low emission of toxic gases (both in the production of the felt and in the finished product) etc.

This way for over thirty years Pertech® has developed and produced binders for felt applications, improving thermal and mechanical performance of specific parts, and increasing the manufacturer’s productivity.


Thermal and acoustic insulation are properties of a wide range of materials used in construction, the white industry, automotive industry, shipbuilding etc. Consisting of panels, split tubes, pads, and other products, these materials combine the Phenolic Resins to various types of mineral wools, from glass to basalt.

Bringing together in one product unparalleled features and cost, Pertech’s Phenolic resins have low levels of free monomer (VOC) and provide the mineral wool a great homogeneity in their fibers, better stability in the conforming of large parts, good stability in storage green products etc.

Pertech works closely with its customers in the insulation materials industry, searching for customized solutions that meet the requirements such as the optimization of production capacity, reaching of the desired degree of quality, and use of different raw materials, while always respecting the internationally environmental and logistical issues.


The Floral Foam is a chemically expanded Phenolic Resin, and it’s final product has the ability of retaining large amounts of water without deforming it’s original proportions, whether it be a brick, a block, an arch or a cross. It is thus a perfect, firm and lasting base for the development and provision of natural floral arrangements.

Pertech provides a broad portfolio of Phenolic Resins aimed at this market, either via continuous or stationary manufacturing process, but always with products formulated and adjusted to the actual needs of customers, providing a product with homogeneous lattice, suitable hardness and low levels of slag.

All this combined with a just-in- time logistic, focused on the perfect harmony between the production of the resin and its consumer.


Decorative laminates are products composed of several sheets of kraft paper overlaid and impregnated with phenolic and melamine resins. Pressed under high pressure and temperature, the result is a homogeneous, resistant and personalized laminate. With a wide range of applications, from the furniture industry to construction, it is an alternative that provides durability to the most varied projects, providing features such as resistance to humidity, salt spray, scratches and stains, non-proliferation of bacteria and térmite, resistance to heat, steam, etc.


The Pertech® Phenolic Resins are specially designed for Phenolite and Celeron and bring with them many years of research focused on low emission of emanating toxic gases.

Phenolite is an industrial laminate, hard and dense, made from pressing kraft paper layers impregnated with Phenolic Resins. When heat and pressure are applied simultaneously, a chemical polymerization reaction occurs, resulting in a solid and compact thermosetting mass. Similarly, the combination of Phenolic Resins with cotton yields a composite named Celeron.

Tubes, pegs, plates, rings etc., are examples of final products with unequaled mechanical and dielectric properties. With good formability and reduced ability to absorb water, they act as insulation in the automotive, electronics, steel, food, chemical, general mechanics and many others industries.