Pertech Exterior®
The ideal coating for your facade.

Pertech Exterior® is a high pressure laminated panel (HPL – High Pressure Laminate) of high dimensional stability and no porosity. Its composition includes a UV protection film, pressed on fibrous material and impregnated with melamine and phenolic resins, compressed at high temperature. The result is a panel of high resistance to impact, heat, salt spray, moisture, solar radiation; and immune to corrosion and decomposition, besides being “anti-graffiti” – the paint used by taggers can be easily removed by solvents.

Available in solid colors, wood patterns, petrified or with custom images, the Pertech Exterior® line offers multiple design and combination possibilities with alternative materials such as glass and aluminum for those who seek a perfect finishing in ventilated facades or industrial, residential or corporate side locks including gyms, shopping centers, hospitals and universities.

The ventilated facades combine aesthetic functions with good thermal performance, besides contributing with the reduction of air conditioning loads. It is a system that allows electrical and hydraulic installations in the space created between the masonry of the building and the laminated plates.

The standard dimensions of Pertech Exterior® are 1240 x 3070 mm and 1240 x 2500 mm, 8 mm or 10 mm thicknesses, and cuts as per paging/project. Its installation can be executed on metallic panels (aluminum, steel or the similar surfaces), eliminating steps such as plaster and paint providing a more practical and faster work.

However, the system must be installed by a specialized and trained technical team, possessing suitable tools and equipment for this kind of work. In addition to the assembly of the metal structure, all structural and wind load calculations will be of the responsibility of the installation company.

Pertech Exterior® plates installed on a single facade in the same period, have a 10 year warranty against exposure to ultraviolet light and weather, without significant change in color or delamination, as long as the product has been specified, installed and maintained according to their recommendations. Therefore, there is no warranty against damage caused by misuse or wrong maintenance of the product.

Pertech Brazil is not responsible for labor companies and does not provide any auxiliary structural material, aside from the closing panel. Get to know the available standards of Pertech Exterior®, a sophisticated, durable and environmentally friendly product.

Pertech Exterior