Standard and Postforming Laminates

Standard and Postforming Laminates

Latin American leader in decorative laminates of high resistance, Pertech® constantly invests in the development of new patterns and textures.

Ideal for covering residential and corporate furniture, walls, floors, facades and sanitary partitions, the Pertech® laminates posses high resistance to moisture, wear, impact, stains, high temperatures, the abrasive household products, as well as being immune to the proliferation of bacteria.


Pertech® Standard Laminate

Suitable for horizontal and vertical paneling with straight edges and can also be used on doors, tabletops and partitions. Resistant and practical, it provides durability to the most varied projects.

Postforming Pertech® Laminate

It allows the application in small radii bends and can be used on doors, tabletops and shelves. Strong ally of creativity, offers true design solutions due to rounded edges which replace the traditional corners.


Standard and postforming laminates