Structural Laminates
Resistance and design for your projects

Pertech® Structural TS is a decorative laminate of high resistance especially designed for horizontal and vertical applications requiring a higher mechanical performance. Besides possessing high resistance, the product is resistant to stains, moisture and heat, making it perfect for use in wet areas, and also in furniture that has more contact and exposure to water, such as bathroom, toilets and kitchen furniture.

Regarding the proportions of Pertech® Structural TS, it is compact, robust, and may have one or two decorative faces.

Produced in thicknesses of 2mm to 15mm, the structural TS can be applied to bumper guards, visual communication, mounting plates for stands, shelving and table tops, eliminating the use of substrate and glue. And because of its technical characteristics of resistance to stains and impact, it is also suitable for use in restaurants, offices, hospitals and clinics, where durability and beauty are essential requirements.

Structural Laminates