Easy Panel TS

EASY PANEL TS is a thick phenolic HPL, self-supporting and high resistance product.

Due to the easy and secure fixing metal profiles, Easy Panel TS is ideal for use in indoor coverings, especially in the covering of electrical and hydraulic installations, such as airports and other commercial or home application. It provides excellent finish and non-apparent fixing accessories, allowing easy access to the facility’s maintenance system.

Versatile, it is suitable for different projects, since it is totally customized. It can be made up on many different sizes, that gives the panel unique design, with perfect fit. Available in solid colors, wood patterns or stones, there are over 150 finishing options or custom images (Perprint). Using Easy Panel TS provides cleaner and faster work.



  • Washable;
  • Moisture resistance;
  • Dimensional stability;
  • Constructive versatility;
  • Distinctive design;
  • Resistant to impacts, scratches and scrapes;
  • Ideal for environments that require continuous hygiene, due to its surface free of porosity that allows easy cleaning and maintenance;
  • Antibacterial treatment;



Material: TS double-sided melamine structural laminate with 8mm thickness;

Finishes: Available in all colors of Pertech brochure or customized with the image of your choice (Perprint);

Maximum Panel Dimensions: 1.24m x 3.07m or 1.24m x 2.50m.

Warranty: 05 years.


Easy Panel TS