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The TS Structural Panel Form for concrete is a high resistance melamine laminate, mainly used in construction. This is a composition of krafts papers impregnated with phenolic resin and pressed at high pressure (80-100 Kg/m2) at elevated temperatures (135-145 C).

With a thickness of 6.0 mm to 15.0 mm, the TS Structural Panel Form supports impacts and moisture, allowing the reuse of panels in different projects. For cleaning, we recommend a damp cloth with a mild detergent or other mild product (may contain ammonia).


The TS panel for concrete forms can be cut, drilled and processed by common equipment. Cutting can be done with a 96 teeth – Widia Trapezoid circular saw -, and the machine does not need to possess an engine with power of more than 3HP (woodworking machines, for example). The holes and recesses can be made with conventional drills or high speed steel drills.

During assembly, however, it is necessary to consider the dimensional variations (expansion or shrinkage) that may occur with changes in temperature and extreme humidity conditions.

Dimensions and Finishings

Dimensions: 1.250 mm x 2.510 mm / 1.250 mm x 3.080 mm on request.

Finishing: Textured (TX) and Hi gloss (BR)

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